C. I. Rules


1.   The competitions shall be governed by a Council, which shall be known as the “CHANNEL ISLANDS BILLIARDS & SNOOKER CONTROL COUNCIL”. The Council shall consist of FIVE persons, two delegates from each Island Association and a Chairman. The Chairman shall be the President of the Island Association in which the meeting is held. In the event of the President being unable to attend he shall be entitled to nominate a representative. Meetings to be arranged (when necessary) by the respective Honorary Secretary of each Association, who shall record the minutes.
2.   The Competitions shall be played under the Rules of the “Billiards Association and Control Council”. Only players who have played regular League Snooker or Billiards will be considered for selection for Island Teams.
3.   The competitions shall be:
            Channel Islands Individual Billiards Championship
            “R J Collins” Trophy
            Channel Islands Individual Snooker Championship
            “Evening Press” Trophy
            Channel Islands Team Billiards Championship
            "The Silver Jubilee" Trophy
            Channel Islands Team Snooker Championship
            “Lieut-Col R. W. Randall” Challenge Cup
            Channel Islands Snooker Upton
            "Upton" Trophy
4.   The Association of the Island in which the match takes place shall nominate the locale of the table on which it shall be played. The Association will also be responsible for the appointment of Referees and Markers.
5.   Standard aramith balls shall be used.
6.   No charge shall be made to witness any match. Collections will be permissible.
7.   The Competitions in the case of Individuals shall be between the Amateur Champions of the Channel Islands; in the case of Teams, between Amateur Players selected by a recognised Island Section Committee in each Island. All shall be bona-fide “Resident Players”. “Resident Players shall mean that they have been domiciled in their respective Islands for two months preceding the Championships.
8.   In the event of an Individual Champion Billiards or Snooker player being unable to travel for either match, the Selection Committee of that Island shall be empowered to select a deputy player (preferably losing finalist) to play in his stead.
9.   The Individual Billiards Match shall be 500 up. The Individual Snooker Match shall be the best of 9 frames.
10.   The Matches shall be played annually, alternately in Jersey and Guernsey. The Individual Snooker Match, Snooker Upton and Team Billiards will be held on the third weekend of April, played on Friday and Saturday. The Individual Billiards Match and Team Snooker will be held on the fourth weekend of April, played on Friday and Saturday. Should Easter fall on either weekend, the Matches will be moved by mutual agreement of the respective Associations before the commencement of the season.
11.   Teams for both Billiards and Snooker shall consist of five players. Billiards: Each player to play one game of 250 up, whereby each game won shall be awarded one point. Players will play their opposite numbers in the opposing team and the order of play will be decided by the home captain.
Snooker: Each player to play one frame against each of the other team’s five players, whereby each frame won shall be awarded one point. All 25 frames to be played over two sessions. The order of play for the first session consisting of 14 frames will be according to the following rankings: 1v4; 3v5; 2v4; 1v5; 2v3; 4v5; 1v3. The order of play for the first 6 frames of the second session will be according to the following rankings: 2v5; 3v4; 1v2. The order of play for the remaining 5 frames will be: 5v5; 4v4; 3v3; 2v2; 1v1.
12.   The two captains or authorised representatives of each team shall meet before the match. Both captains or representatives shall be in possession of a list of team members placed in order of merit as selected by the respective Island Selection Committees.
13.    Intervals shall be allowed in all competitions, to be regulated by the Referee.
14.   Prizes: In Team Inter Insulars, gold and silver medals shall be awarded, whereby gold medals will be presented to the winners. Additional medals will be presented to the player(s) with the highest break in Team Billiards and Team Snooker; and the player(s) who wins the most frames in Team Snooker. All medals to be of an agreed design used jointly by both Islands.

Miniature Trophies shall be awarded to Individual and Upton players. Each Island to be responsible for the supplying aforesaid miniatures for the matches played in that Island.

15.   All trophies under the jurisdiction of the C.I.B. & S. Control Council shall be insured and the cost of insurance to be equally shared between the Island Associations.
16.   Any matter unprovided for in these rules shall be decided upon by the CHANNEL ISLANDS BILLIARDS & SNOOKER CONTROL COUNCIL at the first available meeting.