GB&SA Rules
1.   The Association shall be called “The Guernsey Billiards & Snooker Association” with the object of fostering Amateur Billiards and Snooker played in this Island.
(a)   The Guernsey Billiards & Snooker Association shall consist of the following classes of members:
         (1) Affiliated Clubs
         (2) Individual Members
(b)   Membership shall be open to all Clubs whose playing facilities are approved by the Executive Committee. Individual Membership will be open to all persons.
(c)   Entry to all League Competitions, the Team Knockout Competitions, the Individual Snooker Handicap for the Norman Wale Trophy and the Snooker Handicap Pairs for the Spillane Trophy will be open to all bona-fide members of affiliated clubs, who are also members of the G.B. & S.A. Any club member not a member of the G.B. & S.A. may be allowed to play for a club team for up to two matches for a fee of £1.00 per match. On the playing of the third match, the full membership fee must be paid. These subscriptions must be paid to the League Fixtures Secretary no later than 72 hours after the date of the relevant matches or the team will be judged to have fielded an ineligible player.
(d)  Entry to the Island Individual Snooker and Billiards Championships will be open to all persons who are members of the G.B. & S.A. who are prepared to travel for Inter Insular matches and who also qualify under Rule 2 of the Individual Island Billiards Championship and Snooker Individual Island Championship.
3.   THE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION from the 2020/21 season will be:
(a)   £20.00 Individual Membership.
(b)   £60.00 Entry fee for each team entered for the Premier League.
(c)   £30.00 Entry fee for each team entered for the other Divisions.
(d)   £20.00 Entry fee for each team entered in the Snooker Straight Knockout.
(e)   £20.00 Entry fee for each team entered in the Snooker Handicap Knockout.
(f)   £5.00 Entry fee for each person entered in the Billiards Straight and Handicap League.
(g)   £5.00 Entry fee per person for each of the individual competitions, including the Pairs Championship.
The Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee comprising the following officers: President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Financial Secretary, League Fixtures Secretary, Competition Secretary, Tournament Secretary and Development Officer. The Executive Committee may elect to invite the club delegate of each of the affiliated clubs to Executive Committee meetings as it deems appropriate. In cases where an invited club delegate is unable to attend, he/she may invite a fellow member of the club in question to represent the club in their place, providing that person is also a GB&SA member.

The Island Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of snooker and billiards teams that represent the Island. This covers team inter-insular matches against Jersey and the Home International Series. The Committee consists of two sub-committees, one for snooker and one for billiards, with three members for snooker and a minimum of two for billiards. Election to these sub-committees is determined at the Annual General Meeting, unless a decision cannot be reached at that meeting, in which case the Executive Committee shall determine the elections at its next meeting.

Executive Committee meetings will be arranged as necessary throughout the season. Notice of at least three clear days must be given. All members of the Executive Committee shall have a vote except the President, who shall have a casting vote only. Four officers shall form a quorum.
(a)   To enforce the Rules as laid down.
(b)   To hear and determine all applications, complaints or protests and to deal with any violations of the Rules of the G.B. & S.A.
(c)   To discuss and determine the methods of meeting all financial commitments of the G.B. & S.A.
(d)   To promote and encourage the game of Snooker and Billiards within the Island and encourage its growth within the amateur game.
(e)   To take all and any steps necessary for the good conduct of the G.B. & S.A and its members.
(f)   To take disciplinary action against individuals, teams or clubs, where a breach of the Rules and/or the conduct of such offender(s) may bring the G.B. & S.A. and the game of Snooker and Billiards into disrepute.
(g)   The onus is on the Executive Committee to take appropriate action if they are aware of any violations of the Rules of the G.B. & S.A. or misconduct by any of its members, even if no official complaint has been made.
(h)   The drugs policy, as laid down by the Guernsey Sports Commission, will be strictly adhered to.
The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the third weekend of July each year. Any proposed alterations to the rules must be with the Honorary Secretary by the 31st May, and must have a proposer and seconder - one of whom must attend the AGM for the change to be considered. The Honorary Secretary shall circulate the proposed alterations to rules to all the clubs, together with a copy of the agenda, at least two weeks before the date of the A.G.M. The meeting shall be open to the Executive Committee of the preceding year together with any G.B. & S.A. members. Each club may carry two votes only for the purpose of voting. The President shall have a casting vote only. Alterations to rules can be made only at the A.G.M. or Special General Meeting.
All officers and auditors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. If two or more candidates are nominated for any office, election shall be by simple majority.
1.   All matches start at 7.15pm sharp.
2.   Please respect the rules of dress of the clubs that you visit.
3.   Home players in all snooker matches to be marked as spot on the scoreboard.
4.   The Island Championships, Norman Wale and Spillane Trophies are open to entrants that are 18 years or over at the closing date for entries.
5.   Any Junior player (under 18 years old) who, contravening the rules of an affiliated G.B. & S.A. club by entering that club under age, will be automatically suspended for 1 year by the G.B. & S.A. regardless of what action that individual club may take.