Bachmann standings


This trophy will be awarded to the member who receives the most points achieved by playing in the Individual Snooker, the Individual Billiards, the Individual Billiards Handicap, the Norman Wale Snooker Handicap and the Snooker Handicap Pairs.
Points will be awarded as follows:
            For reaching the quarter-finals            One Point
            For reaching the semi-finals                Two Points
            For being the runner-up                        Three Points
            For being the winner                              Four Points
In the event of ties, trophy will be shared.

Name Points
Martyn Desperques 14
Ian Le Maitre 6
Ross De Carteret 5
Marcus Haysom 5
Adrian Holley 5
Jamie Le Cheminant              5
Mick Murphy 4
Orlando Silva 4
John Skillett 4
Gavin Denning 3
Adam Shorto 3
James Walker 3
Roscoe Cloarec 2
Colin Gilbert 2
Dave Gilmour 2
Glenn Le Prevost 2
Antony Makepeace 2
Miles Plumley 2
Wayne Rihoy 2
Carl Roussel 2
Peter Walters 2
Nick Boldison-Smith 1
Kelvin Du Feu 1
Richard Henderson 1
Ryan Le Page 1
Steve Le Poidevin 1
Danny Marquand 1
Dale Martel 1
Seb Priaulx 1
Paul Prior 1
Bill Smith 1