Team Snooker Straight

2021/22 Winners:  The Sledgehammers

2021/22 Draw:

Matches start at 7:15 p.m.

Match    Home Team   Away Team   Date
Preliminary Round
P1 RAF Reds
3 Imperium Strokers
5 10-Jan 
P2 Ex-Service Hot Butts 5 DWA Rebels 04-Jan 
P3 La Villette Gremlins 7 Ex-Service Stunners 11-Jan 
Quarter Finals
Q1 Ex-Service Hot Butts 3 Imperium Strokers 28-Feb 
Q2 N Legion Sharks 2 La Villette Gremlins 23-Feb 
Q3 Stonebond Guernsey
0 The Sledgehammers
Q4 Ex-Service Recalls
3 IMR Casuals
Semi Finals
S1 Imperium Strokers 0 La Villette Gremlins 8 10-May 
S2 The Sledgehammers 7 IMR Casuals 03-May 
Final  Venue: Ex-Service
F La Villette Gremlins
3 The Sledgehammers 5 17-May